Account Executive / Sales


Account Executive / Sales

We’re looking for someone who is responsible for selling and reselling Spitfire’s amazing services to clients. And when we say selling, we mean taking us to the next level with sales techniques, inbound and outbound marketing ideas, account management assistance and hosting meetings with clients. We’re looking for a go-getter who can seamlessly work with multiple clients on multiple projects, all while building our sales portfolio with impressive clients. A background knowledge of HR, insurance and internal corporate culture is also needed as you will be working with multiple teams for each client. It’s a lot to ask, but that’s why it’s an incredible role to take on.

Who will rock this role?

If you’re a creative self-starter and a person people want to be around, then you will excel. Being a great communicator with relationship management and negotiation skills is a must — and your ambition will take you far here at Spitifre. If you’ve got the drive, we’re the place for you!

Key Responsibilities

  • All sales-related activities (presale, meetings, sales, follow-up)
  • Budget and proposal creation
  • Lead generation a MUST
  • Networking both internally and externally for current client retention and to bring in new clients
  • Assisting with writing and concepting with the Marketing team
  • Ability to work with all teams internally and run both sales and informational presentations
  • Top-notch organizational skills
  • Ability to follow processes and procedures

To apply for this job, email your details and resume to