Our Top 5 Takeaways

from futurecomms 2018


Reduce Turnover

by engaging employees to be a part of the conversation and by enhancing company culture
It costs your company approximately 200% of an employee's salary when they terminate

Connect the Dots

for your employees
things aren't always as obvious as they seem

Be Authentic

don't just try to please executives
but don't stir the pot either

Habituation is Important

encourage employees to notice the absence of something if it's not there
It can take up to 7 times for a message to be truly heard

Communication that can provide metrics is integral

in targeting your messages and
This year, consider a short (30 seconds or less), relatable video. These tend to garner the most employee interaction and repeat visitors, plus they’re easy to do! You can just record them on your phone and post them frequently to keep people intrigued.

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