2020 Well-Being Program

  • Challenge:
    Communicate new program details, including expanded program activities and changes that simplified participation. Develop innovative components in keeping with recent Company initiatives.
  • Solution:
    A Well-Being Guide was mailed home to employees – the first time one was created – and the campaign included a three-sided Lucite frame with inserts that could be changed out with future communications.
  • Result:
    The guide design was both engaging and the first in a series of 2020 benefit communications that shifted to align with corporate brand guidelines. The Lucite frames were a home run! An all-encompassing well-being graphic was introduced for the expanded program that complimented the messaging goal to convey the program’s structure – to meet employees’ emotional, physical, financial and social needs. The guide’s timely release in May was of great support as a resource for employees and their families. And this project – along with support provided on other well-being communications and Cabot initiatives – earned their program the 2020 Cigna Well-Being Awarda project that previously earned the NEEBC Best Practices Award!!