Total Compensation and Benefits Statement – Print

  • Challenge:
    Provide a total rewards statement for each employee, highlighting the cost of benefits provided by Liberty Bank so an employee can see the true value of their benefits, as well as the employee’s deductions for elected benefits in 2018. In addition, convey the importance of saving for retirement.
  • Solution:
    Create a variable template in order to provide a 6-page personalized trifold statement for each employee.

    With the visual use of a “contribution barometer”, charts and values, illustrate retirement benefits available through Liberty Bank and the importance of saving for retirement. For the 401(k) plan, one bar graph will show projected values at ages 60, 62 and 65 at current contribution rates, and another bar graph will demonstrate the projected values if the employee’s contribution rate was increased by 2%. Estimated monthly pension plan benefits will be shown at various retirement ages as well.