Wellness and Benefits Communications

  • Challenge:
    Ocean Spray’s Fit for Life wellness program had such a positive response that they asked us to create a look and feel to incorporate their wellness program with benefits along with supporting material for internal, ongoing use.
  • Solution:
    We created the Fit for Life logo to use as an overall brand and then included subcategories for physical, financial, emotional and work-life. We also updated the mission statement and created supporting collateral such as mastheads, letterhead and a PowerPoint template. Lastly, we wrote branding guidelines for Ocean Spray on the proper usage for the brand.
  • Result:
    Employees were able to recognize not only benefits and wellness communications from Ocean Spray but also what subcategory those communications fell into. Additionally, HR was able to coordinate their internal communications to easily incorporate the same look and feel without needing to contact outside support. Employees had easier recognition of the brand and the employer was able to maximize the look in an efficient and user-friendly way.