Family Planning and Support

  • Challenge:
    Ocean Spray has always put a focus on the importance of family and are always looking for ways to help their employees achieve the family of their dreams while helping managers be better prepared to support parents and caregivers both personally and professionally.
  • Solution:
    Produce a series of communications including a flyer detailing adoption and fertility support and a spiral bound booklet for managers to personalize for expecting mothers on their team. It detailed some statistics, quotes from employees, information on how to handle such things as travel during pregnancy, what to do while the employee is on leave and how to help them ease into their return to work. Checklists were also included to assist the manager in making sure the employee is prepared to go on leave and everything is needed when welcoming them back.
  • Result:
    More supported employees and educated managers resulted in less confusion around the benefits, resources and expectations of building and growing a family at Ocean Spray.