Burns & McDonnell

Project: Total Compensation and Benefits Statement Challenge: Provide employee-owners with an accurate and comprehensive breakdown of the benefits offered to them as well as the annual deductions. Personalization expanded to include various retirement plans as well as future values, where applicable. Solution: Develop a 6-page statement with complex programming and personalization so that every scenario […]


Liberty Bank

Project: Total Compensation and Benefits Statement – Print Challenge: Provide a total rewards statement for each employee, highlighting the cost of benefits provided by Liberty Bank so an employee can see the true value of their benefits, as well as the employee’s deductions for elected benefits in 2018. In addition, convey the importance of saving […]



Project: Total Compensation Statement – Email and Print Challenge: Provide a personalized snapshot of the benefits offered and their dollar values to all employees. Solution: A simple two-page statement that gave a high-level overview of the cost of benefits offered to each employee. Their complicated time off benefits were further explained and a visual showing […]


Dunkin’ Brands

Project: Total Rewards Statements Challenge: To deliver a statement of total rewards to employees that highlighted the annualized financial contributions of both the employee and the employer while retaining the colorful, playful look of other Dunkin’ material. Solution: Personalize a statement that utilized the desktop theme from Open Enrollment. We focused on the financial information […]


Boston Children’s Hospital

Project: Total Compensation Statement Challenge: To provide a compensation statement to nearly 10,000 employees that highlighted the benefits available and the amount the employee and employer spent on those benefits in the previous year. Solution: We produced a variable template that showed all possible scenarios for employees and programmed internally to produce 10,000 individual statements […]


Blueprint Medicines

Project: Total Rewards Statement Challenge: To show employees that they are appreciated, rewarded and fulfilled by outlining a comprehensive list of all the benefits and their financial value. Solution: Provide a personalized, annualized total rewards statement that shows how the Total Rewards package at Blueprint Medicines supports the physical, financial and mental wellbeing of every […]