Lyn Jones

Financial Manager

Lyn has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of accounting, budgeting and forecasting and is a critical player for the Spitfire team.

She’s a wizard of accuracy and integrity when it comes to planning, managing and controlling all financial activities for clients and Spitfire, as a whole, including accounting, finance, forecasting and job costing. Lyn ensures that our clients are billed accurately and timely.

You can say that Lyn and Excel are attached at the hip – anything anyone needs from her will be delivered with a smile but expect it in an Excel spreadsheet, neatly and precisely – of course!

Lyn’s steadfast and sound guidance – not to mention calm, caring demeanor – is a valued asset here at Spitfire and an essential component to Spitfire’s continued success.

Lyn is a graduate of the University of Connecticut; B.S. Psychology