Conference Support

Project: ASM Conference Support Description: Digital Signs, Postcard, Task Card, Booth Backdrop, Prize Wheel, Notebooks with Bellybands, Roll-up Banners, Raffle Box, Raffle Card


Strategic Planning and Communications Management

Challenge: To help employees across a wide-range of demographics become better benefits consumers and understand all that their benefits package has to offer. Solution: Create a year-long strategic planning and communications management plan that identified key messages and opportunities for improved communication and supplementing that throughout the year with targeted components across a variety of […]


Travel & Tourism Company
App Branding Guidelines

Challenge: To brand the app in keeping with the employee brand guidelines as well as the recently developed self-service portal – one that could support a responsive multi-device experience and uphold the sub-brands of the Company’s various properties. Solution: Evaluate apps programming/development structure and capabilities and create branding guidelines, including design layout (mobile and desktop) […]


Travel & Tourism Company
Knowledge and Service Portal

Challenge: Help employees find relevant information at any given point, in an intuitive way, providing transparency between HR/benefits and employees with clear pathways to self-service tools and information uniquely relevant to each employee’s goals and work/life balance. Solution: Evaluate programming/site development structure and capabilities and create an information architecture (IA), including hierarchy map, user experience […]


Recruiting Brochure

Challenge: The existing component was small and limited Cabot’s ability to share more details about their expanding breadth of benefits and wonderful Company culture. Solution: Create a component that transformed the piece from a 6-panel layout to an 8-page digital brochure. Result: A better layout for both digital and print-on-demand and expanded content that provided […]