COVID-19 Communication Mailer

Challenge: The sudden impact of COVID-19 let many employees feeling scared, uncertain and isolated. ZOLL wanted to quickly reach all employees to let them know they are not alone. Solution: Mail a brochure to employees’ homes to let them know ZOLL is here for them. Provide tips for employees, spouses and dependents to stay well […]


Flu Vaccine Campaign

Challenge: Communicate the importance of getting a flu vaccine heading into flu season amongst dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. Solution: Create a compassionate and informative multi-component campaign to encourage employees and their family members to get vaccinated. Result: The home mailer successfully provided information on the importance of the initiative and the resources […]


Wellness 2020 Program Launch

Challenge: Encourage engagement in the wellness program which was similar to that in 2019 and launch during the unprecedented pandemic. Solution: Create a theme that enhanced, yet tied nicely to, the program’s existing branding with graphics and messaging to inspire employees. Result: Visually-engaging communications motivated employees to commit or recommit to their wellness with messaging […]


2020 Well-Being Program

Challenge: Communicate new program details, including expanded program activities and changes that simplified participation. Develop innovative components in keeping with recent Company initiatives. Solution: A Well-Being Guide was mailed home to employees – the first time one was created – and the campaign included a three-sided Lucite frame with inserts that could be changed out […]


Post-Annual Enrollment Well-Being Campaign

Challenge: Continue the momentum to promote the Well-Being program shared in greater detail for the first time in the Annual Enrollment Guide which included information about expanded ways to participate. Solution: A variety of touchpoints were created to release in January and February, including a poster and onsite placemat inserts as well as a home […]


Family Planning and Support

Challenge: Ocean Spray has always put a focus on the importance of family and are always looking for ways to help their employees achieve the family of their dreams while helping managers be better prepared to support parents and caregivers both personally and professionally. Solution: Produce a series of communications including a flyer detailing adoption […]


Well-Being Program

Challenge: Meet the goals outlined for 2019 – to exceed 2018 website enrollment and program participation. Solution: Develop a communications plan with touchpoints that maximize vendor resources, internal Company communications and Spitfire’s creative support to develop a campaign theme and components to drive engagement. Result: The plan was successfully executed and a candence of “Gear […]


Wellness Program

Challenge: To communicate details on their upcoming wellness fair designed to boost employee morale and promote their wellness program and partnership with Sharecare. Solution: Create a travel theme to entice employees to journey to the on-site wellness fair and enter to win various gift cards and prizes. We produced table tents, posters, floor and wall […]


Wellness Communications

Challenge: Communicate wellness program information in a way that was fun and engaging to help increase participation and positive results. Solution: Home mailings, HTML emails, table tents and posters were all part of the approach to engage employees both at work and at home to participate in various wellness challenges and to remind them of […]