Travel & Tourism Company
Knowledge and Service Portal

  • Challenge:
    Help employees find relevant information at any given point, in an intuitive way, providing transparency between HR/benefits and employees with clear pathways to self-service tools and information uniquely relevant to each employee’s goals and work/life balance.
  • Solution:
    Evaluate programming/site development structure and capabilities and create an information architecture (IA), including hierarchy map, user experience flow concepts and mockups. Additionally, review and refine all knowledge base articles and site content.
  • Result:
    The IA guided and refined the portal development with regard to its framework, user experience, content flow and navigation structure. The portal was launched and succeeded in meeting the project’s self-service goals and, ultimately, the change management goal to restructure HR in order to better support employees’ day-to-day needs. while maximizing their time to focus on areas of growth such as talent development and more complex HR issues.